If you like outdoor activities even when you are traveling. Taipei city is also not boring for you. There are some good mountain recommending for you. You can arrange a day tour to visit it. And not just only hiking, after coming down from mountain, you can easily walk to the interesting and famous touristing area!!

Top 1 Elephant mountain / secret 5 rock climbing trails 象山/拇指山/南港山攀岩

This spot is famous about seeing Taipei city view. Normally people only walking to the big stone then come back. There are many stairs on the way to big stone. It is a pity people return from here. From the big stone, it is the beginning to some interesting trail.

muzhi shan or thumb mountain 拇指山


First trial I recommend in elephants mounts.

It is easy to walk along sign to mu-zhi shan.

Taking MRT to xianshan station and follow the sign to hiking entrance.

First, you have walk to the Six big stone 六巨石. Here is the first stop.

from big stone, it only takes 20-30 minutes to mu-zhi shan top. Then you will see awesome view!

rock climbing trails. 五座天然攀岩場

These trails you will get through 5 rock climbing. It is exciting and challenge trails. Some of them are almost vertical. Please be aware of that.

When you walk on the way to mu-zhi shan,  please notice there is a way directing to “萬壽園”

walk toward that direction until you see a pavilion. There is a way behind it. Go from that way.

It is hard to find it. But, trust me you won’t regret it if finished it!

Or you can come to homey hostel to ask me. 🙂


Top 2  Keelung mountain East Peak. 基籠山東峰-雷峰塔

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You must hear Jiufan village.

People said Jiufan view is the best because you can see one side is sea, one side is hill village.

Keelung mountain is the best spot to see the Jiufan whole view.

Take bus to Jiufan old street. There is a lot information on internet telling you how to go to Jiufan.

Few people climb up to mountain. It takes 30-40 minutes from bottom to up. There are many stairs but it is easy way to the top.

The interest part is from the top of keelung mountain to the east peak of keelung mountain.

There is a pavilion at the mountain top. It seems there is no way to going further more. But carefully take a look, there is a way full of grass that you can keep going down.

The way walk along the ridge line, up and down. Not smooth and easy to walk. Well….exciting. When you come out from mountain. you can walk back to Jiufan.

Top 3 Xiao-zhi shan / mountain  孝子山

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It is located in Pin-Xi which in famous about flying lantern.

So most people going there for lantern and only walking around the town.

The hiking entrance is also nearby so transportation is very convenience. Take train to pin-xi station.

When you take train to Pin-Xi, ask local where the Xiao-Zhi shan hiking entrance.

Please ask local not tourist.


Top 4 Jinmian Shan/ Mountain 金面山

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This hiking trail is in Taipei city as well. Taking MRT to Xihu station, exit 1

The hiking entrance is nearby the place as below

Aly. 65, Ln. 285, Sec. 1, Neihu Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

It take 30-40 minutes up to the top.